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Alternative Green Heating

Why is it different to Conventional Systems?

All systems that use conductors, coils or carbon heating rods as heating elements produce heat inside the core yet the heat only dissipates via the surface area and therefore, any heat generated inside the core is unnecessary and can't be used efficiently. Fibres infused at the surface level only, means the N-Tech Fleece will only produce the heat it can transit effectively.

Additionally: By using nano-fibres, rather than a single heating element, the N-Tech fleece has 30 times more surface area than a typical conductor based system which means that you feel the warmth almost immediately after turning the system on as the heat is distributed rapidly.

Random criss-crossing of fibres within the fleece ensure that heat energy is emitted at wide angles off the heating system delivering an ambient temperature spreading across the room.

‘Heating Limited Only By Imagination’