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Alternative Green Heating

"HOW DOES IT WORK?" Technology behind the Magic

The Basic Principle

The technology behind these products is underpinned by a cutting edge nano-technology that is able to harness simple Electro-Magnetic principles to produce efficient, effective, cheap and safe heating.

Initial Heating Applications

The technology behind these products is being adapted to work across a remarkable range of different applications however the initial range of products to market are focused around heating. The way you heat your domestic properties, your offices, your vehicles, your hot water boilers and even your feet.

Electro Magnetic Heating ("EMH")

Rather than heat the air direct, EMH utilizes the ability of all materials (walls, ceiling, floors and objects within) to absorb, store and transfer heat, essentially transforming the fabric and contents of the room into a form of omnipotent radiator. This leads to an effective elimination of hot and cold spots and a building (rather than the air within) that is both substantially warmer and retains heat in a more sustainable and efficient form than conventional systems.

Standalone or Adapt into Existing System

The N-Tech heating fleece can be used in its basic, raw form or combined with other products and technologies It can provide heating solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications either as a standalone product or adapted into existing systems such as heating panels, towel radiators etc.

Direct Feed via any DC supply < 48V

The fleece is almost 100% efficient in turning energy into heat. The system uses DC voltage and is therefore perfect for use with complementary green technologies such as photovoltaic solar systems and wind turbines.

New or Retro Fit

It's so easy to fit and maintain that is can be embedded within new builds or retro fitted into older properties that are often most in need of greater energy efficiencies and cost savings. The fleece can also be used within swimming pools and is being adapted to dramatically enhance the cost and efficiency of hot water systems.

"NOW, THIS IS EXCITING" A Product Overview

Describing the Raw Product

This patented technology uses fibre infused with pico-sized particles of metals and other elements to produce an EMH fleece - which is then laminated with paper and cellulose to produce a composite heating element < .12 mm thick and weighing only 83 g/m2. It handles and weighs like a piece of paper - one of its core constituents

Why is it different to Conventional Systems?

All systems that use conductors, coils or carbon heating rods as heating elements produce heat inside the core yet the heat only dissipates via the surface area and therefore, any heat generated inside the core is unnecessary and can't be used efficiently. Fibres infused at the surface level only, means the N-Tech Fleece will only produce the heat it can transit effectively.

Additionally: By using nano-fibres, rather than a single heating element, the N-Tech fleece has 30 times more surface area than a typical conductor based system which means that you feel the warmth almost immediately after turning the system on as the heat is distributed rapidly.

Random criss-crossing of fibres within the fleece ensure that heat energy is emitted at wide angles off the heating system delivering an ambient temperature spreading across the room.


The EMC beams are emitted by the N-Tech Fleece does not affect paint, glue or plaster and therefore it can be applied directly onto walls & ceilings. It can also be skimmed, painted or papered over and incorporated into more complex systems such as panel heaters, pictures and mirrors.

The fleece warms bodies and objects in the immediate surroundings, effectively targeting heat to where it is needed. As a secondary effect, ambient temperature is achieved with air being heated indirectly as heat radiates from fabric of the room and the objects within. Convection is also minimised, dramatically reducing circulating currents and therefore the movement of allergens to the relief of allergy sufferers.

The sensation you experience when walking into a room that's been heated with an N-Tech fleece is similar to that when you open the curtains on a sunny day. The warmth envelops and caresses you.

Reduce Temperatures

With the N-Tech fleece, space is heated evenly, hot and cold spots are avoided and induced draughts caused by convection current are minimised. Our fleece does not rely on warm air circulation, therefore constant temperature from floor to ceiling can be achieved almost simultaneously. Not only is this more comfortable but room temperature can be set at 1-2oC lower to achieve the same effect.

The fleece is best used in conjunction with a programmable thermostat.

Independent Testing & Data

Initial tests conducted by our manufacturing partners confirm that the product is able to achieve 30%-70% savings over conventional systems.


The N-Tech fleece is powered using a DC supply from 4V or 48V.

Environmentally Friendly

The N-Tech fleece is a remarkable product in many ways but perhaps the most staggering aspect is that it's ability to heat emanates from a product that is just .12 mm thick and weighs only 83g/m2. Further more, by combining 33 metals and other elements using the aforementioned nano-technology, the system produces an incredibly low carbon foot print.


Our unique electro-magnetic heating technology is patented and manufactured in Europe. All end users will be provided with warranty of 30 years.

‘Heating Limited Only By Imagination’