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Clothing Fleece

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Self Heating Insoles

Self Heating Insoles

Different Sizes Available

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Say goodbye to cold feet

Our unique Insole utilises natural energy sources to remarkable effect.

Insoles can be applied to any footwear but outdoor activities receive a particular benefit:

• Walking
• Skiing
• Golfing
• Cycling
• Fishing
• Motor-Cycling
• Construction Industry

The warming effect is achieved by the release of energy from a unique, patented fleece material contained within the insoles.
The process is activated by the body’s natural electromagnetic field and requires no external power source.
Energy is emitted in the form of ‘Far’ Infra-Red Waves, which is beneficial to human health and helps create a gentle warming effect to the soles of your feet.

Key benefits include:

• Range of Different Sizes
• Thin & Unobtrusive
• Natural & Immediate Heat Generation
• Incredibly Lightweight
• No External Power Required
• No Batteries
• No Cables
• Robust & Durable
• Unique to Market

Feeling is Believing with the Insole.

Looking down on the shoes after being worn for 20 minutes.Looking down on the shoes after being
worn for 20 minutes.

Products |  Clothing Fleece

‘Heating Limited Only By Imagination’